• Easyboot Cloud

Why are we not stocking the Easyboot Cloud?

We have decided against stocking this boot for the following reasons:

  1. The sole profile is for flared and distorted hooves. This means when you actually try to restore correct hoof shape and proportions, this boot ends up too wide and easily twists on the hoof. However, it is exactly for this transition that the boots has its main purpose.
  2. It comes with a thick wedged pad. For most part that wedge is not needed, so you end up throwing it away straight away.
  3. The price position is significantly higher than the other options we have in stock for the purpose of Transition and Turn-out boots.

What do we currently recommend for Turn-out and/or early Transition?

  • For very severely sore horses, including laminitis and founder, we recommend the Easyboot RX. It's a boot for the first three or so months and gets a horse or pony, that is reluctant to move, walking again. Be aware once they start trotting or cantering around, they will shred this boot pretty quickly. Nevertheless, that is probably a good achievement to celebrate anyway. After that move on to the next type of boot.
  • After the previous step, or when the horse is still moving around, but tender and thin-soled, possibly with poor integrity and flared hoofwall, the Cavallo Trek boots with Comfort Pads are great. Their design allows for 24/7 application with a very minimal rubbing risk. These boots can also be used for light riding.

Rather than stocking everything that is on the market and sounds fancy, we have selected a range of boots that work for the typical barefoot related applications at various stages of that journey.

If you have any questions about boot choice, feel free to contact us.

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Easyboot Cloud

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