Boots for Laminitis or Founder

If your horse has Laminitis or Founder, then you probably have some specifice booting requirements:

  • eliminate/reduce  concussion
  • ability to be worn 24/7
  • ability to be worn "loose" rather than riding tight
  • be fit-forgiving as ususally those thye of hooves deviate from a normal hoof shape

The options below let you achieve this.

In case your horse is very acute and struggles to stand and walk, we would recommend the Easyboot RX. However, if the application of this boot would mean your horse is likely to "hoon" around, then this is not the correct boot choice. Pick one from below instead.

If the horse is recovering, seems ok on softer pasture, but still struggles with hard and lumpy ground, then these boots in combination with a pad are a great option:

Cavallo Cute Little Boot - Slim (CLB)

Cavallo Cute Little Boot - Slim (CLB)

Sold in pairs If you are looking for hoof protection for your mini horse or pony, Cute Little Boo..

$190.00 Ex Tax: $165.22

Cavallo Trek  - Slim

Cavallo Trek - Slim

Sold individually We have tested this boot as a rehabilitation boot and leisure riding boot. It ..

$170.00 Ex Tax: $147.83

Easyboot Cloud

Easyboot Cloud

Why are we not stocking the Easyboot Cloud?We have decided against stocking this boot for the follow..

$0.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

Easyboot Mini

Easyboot Mini

Sold Individually. Designed for miniature horses, ponies and foals, and easy to apply, the Easy..

$103.00 Ex Tax: $89.57

Easyboot RX

Easyboot RX

Sold Individually. Veterinarians, hoof care professionals and horse owners alike rely on the Eas..

$176.00 Ex Tax: $153.04

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