Easyboot Trail

Easyboot Trail Features

  • Opens right up and out to get the hoof in and fastens with Velcro.
  • No additional buckles or straps to negotiate.
  • Offered at an entry-level price point: one of the most affordable boots on the market today.
  • Sold individually
  • Can be used on any hoof on any side of the horse (not side-specific).
  • Tough polyurethane sole offers excellent durability and grip on all terrain.
  • Tough Cordura upper and toe plate to make this tougher and more durable than any other boot in its price range.
  • Slim, anatomical fit for ultimate comfort and style keeps this hoof boot on in even the deepest mud, water or sand.
  • Flexible fastening system works with practically any trimming cycle (up to eight weeks in most horses).
  • Add comfort pads if you want to help a horse through the rehab process.
  • EasyCare Gaiters can be added for additional comfort.

The Easyboot Trail hoof boot is the very latest hoof boot for barefoot horses from the EasyCare stable. The Easyboot trail can be used by young and old hands alike, and is supplied in singles to allow you to fit each hoof correctly or replace a worn or damaged boot.

This superb value hoof boot has been designed to allow for up to eight weeks growth for most horses and is recommended for medium distance riding- up to 40km per week (usually an average of 1 - 1 1/2 hours a day). It is therefore ideal for most leisure riders. The Easyboot trail is a simple hoof boot to use, no force required just a quick and very easy double Velcro closure at the rear - nothing else to worry about!

This revolutionary hoof boot opens right up for fitting so works well on impatient horses or those that find it hard to stand on three legs for long periods.

The Easyboot trail hoof boot can be used with a variety of pads (Old Mac Pads fit the trail hoof boot) inside, making it an incredibly versatile tool for transitioning barefoot horses. The traction is superb and the design is such that you can ride through mud, water, sand, rocks and anything else you can find without fear of losing a (correctly fitting) boot with a free stride and good break-over.

The Easyboot Trail hoof boot fits neatly at the top with a soft collar that helps to prevent debris from entering the boot and has a toe strike plate to give excellent wear resistance. This trail boot is also ideal for shod horses to replace a lost shoe, and can be used over shoes for extra protection (use over shoes will, however, invalidate the warranty).

Ideal for horses with slightly longer than wide hooves, but also usually works well on round and long hooves.

Not suitable for horses with much wider than long hooves. Not intended for long distance or endurance riding (usually over 25 miles per week).

Comfort Pads

Comfort Pads

Give your horse more comfort and support in each step! These pads are available in 12mm and 6mm thic..

$17.00 Ex Tax: $14.78

Easyboot New Trail

Easyboot New Trail

Sold individually. This is a great boot for light riding or supporting a hoof in barefoot transi..

$114.00 Ex Tax: $99.13

Or 6 weekly payments from $18.99
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Easyboot Trail

Easyboot Trail

Clearance - As stocks last. These boots are no longer manufactured Sold individually. Note: O..

$46.00 $112.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

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