Hoof Boots

We offer a range of different type of boots. They range from Therapy boots, via Pleasure Riding, to Performance Boots.

For boot fitting, here are some important pointers to help you decide what you are after:

  • Decide what category above you would fall in and what you expect of a boot.
  • Measure the hooves within a week of a fresh trim.
  • Compare the measurements to the sizing charts in the different boot sections. Please note they all differ in sizes, aka a size 1 in one product is not necessarily the same as a size 1 in another product. So check in each product. Also, the length/width proportions vary.
  • Fit is the most important factor. The better the hoof measurements fit within the sizing range, the better the fit will be.
  • Any doubts, give us a call or flick us an e-mail.

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Not sure about all this? Contact Us and we'll try to help you out.

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